THIRD MEETING DAY (Wednesday, 18th December, 2019)

In the morning, meeting participants took part in the workshop “The road is not always easy” in The House of Science in Seville.

It was a workshop on how to motivate students and build their self-confidence. It was presented by Mr. Juan Ignacio González Hidalgo, manager of the company Laberinto, specialized in STEM workshops and teachers’ formation courses in Seville, and his colleague Marina Camacho. The workshop was conducted both in English and Spanish.

 Teachers took part in exercises that showed them how to work the STEM subjects with their pupils in class, teaching them science, technology, engineering and maths in a different and more entertaining way. Each teacher was given a tablet to work on different activities. One of them was to use the abacus for mathematic operations. Then, they learnt how to control the movements of a robot from the tablet. After that, starting from a story, they had to solve a riddle. Finally, they made some interesting chemical experiments.

  Afterwards, the group of teachers had a tour guided by Clotilde Palomino, a tourist guide, who         showed them the most interesting places in the city.

In the afternoon, the teachers participated in a Escape Room, where they had to use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging education-based puzzles in order to open a locked box. The teachers can use a Escape Room with their students to solve STEM related puzzles to unlock a special box.

Later in the evening the team had a farewell dinner.